Indonesia as a country has the longest coastline in the world, due to the 17 000 ++ islands that make up the country. Along these incredible stretches of coast you will find waves of breathtaking beauty and world class quality. Bali and the islands surrounding it are known as the surfing hub of Indonesia and are one of the most visited surfing destinations in the world. As Bali becomes more mainstream the back lines are getting busier and busier by the day and it is getting increasingly more challenging to enjoy uncrowded surf sessions in tropical paradise.


There is a little island a few 100km away from the central hub of Bali that few surfers have yet to explore.

Welcome to Rote

Welcome to a warm water, empty line up, wave machine paradise. Swell is present all year round although the season is typically thought of as March – November with the largest swells May – September.

With a variety of right’s and left’s ranging from hollow slabs to barreling reef breaks and more mellow sand bottom rollers, the Nemberala region of Rote is perfectly suited to all levels of surfers from pro tube specialists to complete newbies and those wanting to learn how to surf. This region is rich in marine life and it’s not uncommon to spot manta rays and dugongs in the back lines.

The Nemberala region of Rote is an island paradise like no other. It boasts some of the cleanest oceans within Indonesia and has vast stretches of completely untouched coastlines. With so many incredible adventures to offer for the whole family from the miles of untouched white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs for snorkeling, Asia’s oldest mangrove forests, surf breaks for surfers of all abilities and local markets full of all the freshest farm produce, this is an island that should be on every surfers list.

There are a good number of mapped and named surf breaks in the region and countless unmapped waves that have yet to be discovered and surfed. Below is a list of the most popular breaks in the Nemberala / Boa region.


One of the longest and most perfect lefts in Indonesia. Besialau/T-land/Nemberala (it has many names) left is the main surf break in the Nemberala region and all for good reason. It is a left hand reef break sent from heaven! Imagine a 600ft-1000ft long ride with the most perfect blue wall peeling out in front of you inviting you to get creative. It can be surfed from 2ft-15ft and holds it’s shape like no other wave. A deep reef bottom makes it super forgiving and allows it to be surfed on any tide. A goofy footers dream come true.

The Bommie

A section of reef creating a right/left breaking wave in a deep water channel. The Bommie is a fast fun wave more manageable than a lot of the barreling waves found in Indonesia. A short boat ride from the beach (organised by us) and you will be catching bomb’s that you will remember for the rest of your life. Good low tide spot and handles big swell.


This intense right hander will provide you with the barrels you have been looking for. A fast wave with different sections, starts off with a fast take off and tube section which then opens up into a thick down the line wall. Easy beach access (25 minutes by scooter) makes Boa a good option for early morning sessions before any kinds of winds pick up.

Sucky Mama’s

This awesome right hander also goes by the name of Sukanamo or Suckies. It is reached by a short boat ride from Nemberala. The wave varies in mood and can present fast steep hollow barrels or slower easy take off walls to carve up. Rated as one of the best waves on the island.

As well as some more remote island waves that can only be accessed by Boat hire.

On interest and suitable conditions we are happy to help organize the trips.