The Lodge

At Utopia we wish to offer you more than just accommodation in the hill tops of Rote island. Located off the grid in the midst of nature we invite you to come out of your comfort zone to unplug, recharge and return back to your roots. Our aim is to run a sustainable and self sufficient lodge with as low impact to the environment as possible to retain the pristine beauty of this island – its more than just being “Eco” its an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. We have constructed indigenous natural buildings with dry compost toilets and solar heated water system for the showers. Thanks to the sun the lodge is fully solar powered choosing to run with minimal electricity enough to cover bare necessities such as fans, lights and communal charging station.

We have also planted our own vegetable gardens and fruit trees to provide for our healthy dishes on the menu. During the day you can come enjoy the view by our pool to refresh, relax, get a massage or simply read your book.

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We offer YOGA classes on site with certified Yoga teachers / occasional Workshops and Retreat. Please contact us for details.