Our Story

It all began with Mario and Christina going on a get away trip to explore new corners of Indonesia. By chance, they stumbled across the land on which Utopia now sits – It was love at first sight! The waves were pumping, the whale sharks were spotted and the island life was calling.

At first it had turned into a big family camp with a large medical army tent as a home and epic bonfire gatherings under the stars with music, good vibes and good friends. Then we were expecting our first son, the family was growing and with it the desire to settle somewhere and grow roots became reality.

The vision started appearing slowly — to create a self sustaining oasis of authentic gathering. Motivating by being able to live off of the land and exist completely off-the-grid. Opening the space up to share and help sustain the dream was the way to make it all happen — creating a Utopia for all!

With the growing tourism on the island it was only natural to tap into the hospitality and start up a sister lodge of The temple Lodge in Bali and so it began.

The Pride Rock Suite came into creation and slowly without much plan and no architecture design the space started to grow naturally and take shape organically. The tent turned into the heart of the space – a kitchen to nourish and fulfill. Next, the Communal restaurant dining area and sunset spot followed by the other suites and with all the hard work and sweat, a pool was definitely needed! The gardens, trees and flowers were planted and so it all started taking shape and continues to do so as Utopia itself continues to unfold.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to make this a reality and are so grateful for all the helping hands especially the local community. Without them, none of this would have been possible. And of course all the old and new friends who have helped us immensely along the way! Our special thanks goes to Mario and Christiana for bringing our family here and trusting and guiding us along the way in full support.

We welcome you home.

Aimone, Kim, Marlin & Timor