Our Environmental Responsibilities

Utopia Originates from the Vision of Setting Up a Self Sustaining and Self Sufficient Home for Our Family and Friends. From This Dream We Decided to Take It a Step Further and Open a Lodge to Share and Inspire Real Off-the-Grid Living for Eco Travel.

Be the Change

The island of Rote is in big transformation and growth we know that we must actively participate in guiding the development in the right direction to benefit everything from the environment, local community and travelers.

During the creation of Utopia we take into account all the different aspects of the environment and community in order to preserve the natural beauty of Rote by building spaces that blend in, in order minimize the impact to our surroundings. We keep a close relation to the local community which allows us to exchange vital information for future projects to flourish from organic rice farming and waste management projects.


Off The Grid Living


Solar Power

We chose to run on solar power only and have designed solar heating showers in your bathrooms. This means all electricity and hot water depends fully on the sun rays which thankfully is the element most abundant here on Rote.

We encourage you to charge all your devices during day time to avoid running the batteries on low and not to leave fans, light or devices on when not needed.


Water is the source of all life and without it we would not be here. Lets keep in mind that water on Rote is precious and deserves our attention. We have created a Grey water run-off from the showers in our lodge that flow to our gardens so no water is wasted. We hope you enjoy our soaps provided as we encourage the use of natural products to help keep our garden healthy and alive. As for sheets and towels – we will change them after 3/4 nights – if you wish to have it done earlier please let us know directly or leave your towels on the floor.



We have used all of our waste in the foundations of the buildings and separate and collect our trash to use for making eco bricks for future projects (Eco bricks: all plastic tightly packed into a plastic drinking bottle or tetra pack).

Our food scraps go to the compost, or pigs and chickens which in return give us heathy compost material for the gardens. We encourage you to refill your water bottles with our fresh water refill stations and avoid buying more plastic bottles.

Compost Toilets

In order to save water and give back to the earth we decided to built dry compost toilets on each suite. The main rule is simple; do not put anything into the toilet unless you have eaten it first 🙂 With the exception of the saw dust of course, which you can be as generous as you feel as it helps the decomposing process.


Gardening & Animal Farming

We believe that self-sufficiency is the way of tomorrow and it is our obligation and passion to keep extending our veggie gardens and animal farming projects to provide fresh organic produce to the lodge and beyond. We hope you enjoy the experience of participating and engaging in the old / new ways of off-the-grid living.

We are Proud to be a Part of the B Greener Community of Eco Leaders and Change-Makers Here in Indonesia.