Rote Island

(10.7386 S – 123.1239 E)

Rote island has an identity of its own with endless exploration and discoveries to be done. Located in the Southern most point of Asia this exotic island has much to offer from amazing Surf breaks to hectares of coral reef which are home to a rich diversity of marine life. Not only will it satisfy any Ocean lover – Rote also stands out for its beautiful ancient Rock and Land formations, magnificent views and a unique indigenous Christian culture.

From rolling hills to stunning cliffs, caves and coves, powdery white sand beaches, untouched forests, lagoons and one of the oldest and biggest Mangroves tree forests in Indonesia – there is plenty of Beauty and Wilderness to take in. Click here to get to know more about us.

And if Your Asking Yourself What Makes Rote Worth a Visit?

Amazing waves have been attracting surfers of all levels for years and the pristine clear waters of the ocean truly are something incredible to see…

The ocean and land offers far more unique island beauty, from snorkeling and diving to seeing the vivid ancient coral reefs, stand up paddling to endless walks on diverse beaches that are also ideal for swimming with small kids.

Not to forget Asian oldest mangrove forest that can be explored by foot or kayak and all the wild animals that roam the streets and forests that give Rote its raw character.

Rote can fill the hearts of any adventurous traveler, solo, couple, family honeymooner, surfer, yogi & yogini.

If your looking to feed the heart of the explorer within or are in search for an off the beaten track destination – Rote will provide.

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Throughout the year the land transforms from lush green vegetation to golden rocky landscapes.

– its “dry” season beginning in April to November and “wet” season stretching through the remaining months of November to March.

The Surfers season starts as the trade winds turn offshore from April to November.

How to Get to Utopia

To reach us is pretty easy and straight forward.

Here is our most updated travel information:


Bali - Kupang - Rote

Lion Air flight at 8:55Am OR 11am flight with Garuda
15:10 flight with Wings air from Kupang to Rote
15:40 pick up at the airport
45 minute drive to Utopia


Rote - Kupang - Bali

Early morning flight 7:35 am with Wings Air (layover in kupang)
You can enjoy your layover hours at the hotel La Hasienda just 3 minutes away from the airport with swimming pool and restaurant and roof top bar. We can arrange transportation to and from the hotel from the airport to make your journey seamless.

Connecting Flight: varies depending on day and destination
Airline: Garuda or Wings Air from Kupang to Bali or Jakarta.