Utopia Surf & Yoga Ecolodge

There are few places in the world where you can be living in an exquisite lodge made entirely from local natural materials, have a hilltop view of untouched forested hills and the expansive ocean below and not be able to see another man made structure in sight.

Tucked away in the hills of Nemberala, Rote, there is a place where every day you will wake up to the sound of birdsong, where most of the food served to you is organically produced in on site gardens, where you will be able to partake in adventures that will fuel your spirit for a lifetime, surf waves of world class quality and dine beneath the stars. This place has been called heaven on earth by many. A true off the grid eco lodge paradise in Indonesia.

Welcome to Utopia Rote Surf & Yoga Ecolodge

Utopia Rote is a family run Eco Lodge centered around wellness and sustainability in the back hills of Nemberala, Rote.

Recently opened in 2018, Utopia offers guests unique accommodations with an all inclusive experience, focused on surfing, yoga and nourishing meals— all within a setting of natural beauty and low impact on the environment.

Guests can choose from six handcrafted natural rooms featuring stunning panoramic views, indigenous construction with comfortable amenities. The lodge also features an on-site restaurant focusing on fresh seasonal local meals, an infinity pool, forest yoga shala, fire pit, herbal and vegetable gardens and a cobblestone deck with breathtaking sunset views.

Beyond the guest experience, Utopia is built to minimize its impact on the environment by being fully off the grid, relying mostly on solar power, compostable dry toilets and local homegrown organic foods grown on site. The importance of sustainability and living in harmony with nature is found in every aspect of the lodge and its operation. On an island with increasing tourism, Utopia Eco lodge strives to promote sustainable development and living and does it’s best to ensure the island stays as pristine as possible for years to come.

The food at Utopia is regarded as some of the finest on the island absolutely bursting with flavour and all made from the freshest local ingredients. There is a kitchen open all day at the lodge which is always happy to make the most delicious meals and beverages to keep you refreshed and satisfied during your time on the island.

Utopia is the perfect holiday destination for all nature and ocean lovers. Whether you are searching for the best waves or your lives or wanting to enjoy a relaxing family holiday, Utopia will provide you with an experience that you will cherish forever.

The lodge offers multiple different land and ocean based activities. Surfing is most definitely the main attraction to the Nemberala region of the island but the time are changing. Rote sure is blessed with world class waves almost the whole year round with waves for everyone whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced barrel specialist. The most popular break in the area is known as T-land or Besialu Reef. T-land is an absolute wave machine producing long mechanical lefts the whole day, every day. It can be surfed from 2ft up to 12ft and is the perfect wave for surfing progression. There are many other waves in the region varying in speed, size and form.Our boat is available for surf trips for guests any time of the day.

The other ocean based activities include snorkelling trips to the nearby surrounding islands. The coral reefs on these smaller islands are in pristine condition and are populated with huge populations of tropical fish species, turtles, rays and other marine creatures.

If snorkelling or surfing are not your thing the lodge can organise a kayak and stand up paddle board trip through some of Asia’s oldest mangrove forests which are located an easy 30 minute scooter ride from Utopia.

The land based activities include guided bush walks to the nearby lake, morning jogs in the surrounding hills and guided cultural tours through the local villages in which you will discover the local way of living.

To calm the body and the mind after all these exciting activities there are daily yoga and meditation sessions that take place in the forest shala at the lodge. With varying styles of yoga available, Utopia offers the perfect environment in which to expand your yoga practice and flow. For those wanting to stay active there are also fitness classes on offer. After all the activity and adventure it is always a pleasure to relax with a massage down in the village, easily organised by the Utopia team.

The best way to get around on the island is by scooters which can be organised through the lodge. With quiet empty roads and the only traffic being the pigs and goats, Rote is an incredible island to take long exlopration rides and discover the countless empty white sand beaches and beautiful bays.

Getting to Rote and Nemberala is relatively easy. Only two short flights from Bali and Jakarta and you will land in the main city of Baa which is 45 minutes by car trip from Utopia lodge.

Rote has a distinct character of its own with many different landscapes to be discovered and enjoyed. It is a truly unique island, differing from every other island in Indonesia. The local people on the island are super friendly and welcoming always greeting tourists with a big smile and a wave.

If you are wanting to experience raw Indonesia untouched from mainstream tourism home of a conscious community, enjoy world class surf, pristine nature, empty beaches, happy people and incredible food, Utopia Surf & Yoga Eco lodge is the place for you!

Come explore heaven on earth, Utopia awaits.