We are forever romancing with this beautiful spot of paradise called Rote. Each day feels like a special date where the people, the natural surroundings and the waves charm and seduce us.

As far as tourist spots go this little island is far from the crazy buzz that you will find in many popular Indonesia hot spots. This makes it feel sacred and untouched – staying true to its authentic nature and natural beauty.

The beaches are pristine and its more than likely that you will find yourself sunbathing and swimming without another visitor in sight. The white sand and jade/ turquoise water is a serious contender for nature’s most beautiful colour combination. It feels dreamy, it feels peaceful and better yet it feels like blessed territory.

Nembrala is the main “town” lined with palm trees and locally made, hanging hessian bags and hats that sway in the wind as you drive by. There are few restaurants and warungs – always guaranteeing a table and a plate of deliciousness.

As you scooter through the streets you might want to keep your concentration on the road because you are sure to see plenty of piglets and baby goats finding their way behind their Mama’s. This kind of sweetness is unparalleled.

The people of Rote are open and proud – and when you arrive here you will understand why. Big churches show devotion and admiration to their religion and this is a testament to how they go about their lives. When visiting the local market that occurs every week, you’ll be blown away by the variety, colour and freshness of the produce that feeds the island and all its visitors. The market also happens to be home to some of the best homemade Rotenese pastries and cakes- be sure to grab a sticky doughnut on your way in.

The Love affair with Rote island does bring in a responsibility for those who visit – that is to tender and care for this beautiful island and do our best to leave a little impact as possible in terms of waste and influence and instead perhaps get involved as a conscious active traveler – saying no to single use plastic, refilling your water bottles before you head out on a mission, supporting local business and handicrafts as a means to honor their heritage, and dive deep into the beauty and culture of this island.

We could go on forever about our love affair with this island but rather why don’t you come join us and see for yourself!