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In The Element Retreat

In The Element Retreat

Dates 13th - 19th May, 2020

The Magic

Utopia is a wildly unique eco lodge, built with beauty and love. Nestled in nature with a breathtaking expansive view, Utopia Lodge is in perfect synergy with the elements. Combined with peaceful surroundings to nurture and inspire you and ‘me’ time to rest and unwind, In The Element Retreat is a journey to connect deeper with the elements, yourself, your own rhythm and to listen to your inner voice to create conscious forward momentum in your life. By heading ‘off the grid’, immersing yourself in nature, ’unplugging’ from your normal life and cultivating presence, this retreat will awaken your whole existence.

With daily yoga and dance, nourishing whole food and wild adventures, rituals and ceremony, you will integrate your mind, body and soul to feel reconnected and re-energized. Our focus is on living consciously and authentically, creating holistic lifestyle practices whilst expanding your innate connection with the elements, planting seeds of change and transformation.

Prices range from 1,250 USD - 2,200 USD single and shared occupancy options.

Contact us directly at utopiarote@gmail.com to receive a PDF to meet the facilitators and receive more information.


Yoga Teacher Training with Georgina Eve

Dates 25th July -10th August, 2019

The Magic

This is a 16 night intensive training designed to fully envelope you in the practice, theory, and development of teacher training. The training will give you the knowledge and understanding to be competent on the mat and in the classroom, and help you positively impact the lives of your students and wider communities. Participants will learn to teach authentic, high quality and anatomically intelligent yoga. This course focuses on developing the capacity to skillfully sequence, teach and lead students through a yoga practice that can empower and inform.

Led by

Georgina Eve

For bookings get in touch with Georgina

Call 0416 011 364




Power Surf, Yoga & Dance with Rodrigo Machado and Andrew Sealy

The Magic

Life comes in waves. Sometimes the ride is smooth, other times we fall. Enjoying the fall and looking for an always better wave. We learn by doing, failing and learning from our falls. Practicing conscious growth associated with a good physical preparation can be a game changer for your surf and your everyday life.

We have gathered here Top Level surf-coaches and multi-disciplinary instructors in different fields of the body and mind. After 10-days, your surfing will be taken to the next level and our training will impact positively the rest of your surf routine for years to come. You will also connect with incredible people, feel inspired and build new friendships for life.

The Dates

April 17th – 27th, 2019

Led by

Rodrigo Machado and Andrew Sealy


Aerial Yoga, Inverted Massage + Dance Retreat with Greta Caponetta

The Magic

This retreat naturally offers the silence, space and beauty to slow down, tune in, connect with yourself. Away from the busyness and routines, a new rhythm arises; A rhythm woven with movement, nurturing and deep connection. During the retreat, we will practice aerial yoga and aerial massage twice per day, sacred dance and meditation once per day, along with sharing circles to explore your inner self and raise your vibrations.

There are many reasons to love aerial yoga because it is a graceful blend of yoga principles, deep breathing, and acrobatic postures and movements performed in a hammock above the ground, so you feel like you are FLYING! You will be also introduced to the practice of aerial inverted massage a gentle and deep way to care for the others, we will exchange each other massage for a restoring, relaxing, caring experience. Find out more information here.

The Dates

April 28th – May 6th, 2019
(7 full days of retreat and 8 nights of accommodation)

Led by

Greta Capponetto


Mindful Living Retreat with Erin Tetarenko

The Magic

Come experience the transformation that occurs when you step off the grid, harmonize with the rhythms of nature, and focus on you. Integrating mind + body through yoga and coaching principles, the Mindful Living retreat will inspire you to connect more deeply with yourself and guide you to take actions that enrich and harmonize your life. You can expect deep dives into self-inquiry, soulful conversations, sensory-stimulating yoga practices, and slow-paced island living.

The Dates

June 9-16, 2018

Early Bird: April 1, 2018 (SAVE 100)

Led by

Erin Tetarenko

Erin’s enthusiasm for life is ignited when surrounded by nature, connecting with inspiring people, and growing through exploration. As a Coach and Yoga Teacher, she loves helping people strengthen their connection with self and develop transformative practices that empower the way they live and lead.

She has completed a Masters in Psychology of Coaching at the University of Sydney and Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise at the University of Victoria alongside various mindfulness-based coaching and yoga teacher trainings. Her teachings are also influenced by various mentors and teachers along with styles of traditional hatha, embodied flow™, vinyasa flow and yin yoga.

Currently living in Byron Bay, she has worked on award-winning coaching programs and wellbeing retreats as a facilitator in USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Central America.


Off-Grid Surf & Yoga Eco Adventure with Sam Brooke & Daniel Patrick

The Magic

Palm fronted white sand beaches, empty barreling lineups, massive areas of natural forested hillsides…welcome to Utopia. This all inclusive Surf &Yoga Adventure retreat has been created to allow people to truly get in touch with nature while exploring and advancing the mind, body and soul through surfing, yoga, meditation and conscious nutrition. Attention and focus will be on providing daily personalized Surf and Yoga training and guidance while exploring one of the most beautiful islands in the world. From the Breath hold course and Surf athleticism training to the Multidiscipline yoga and meditation sessions, this retreat will inspire and ignite your spirit and greatly progress your surf and yoga abilities. At Utopia, a huge emphasis is placed on living sustainably. This retreat fully embraces that spirit and covers aspects on sustainable living in our surrounding natural environments, with the food we eat as well as on keeping a healthy sustainable mind space in every day life. Treat yourself to an adventure in paradise and come enjoy warm water barrels, fresh coconuts everyday, inspired yoga sessions , incredible food and real tropical island experiences.

The Dates

20th-27th July, 2019

Led by

Sam Brooke, qualified yoga and meditation teacher, life coach and vegan foodie.
Daniel Patrick, qualified nature conservationist, outdoor adventure guide and surf fanatic.

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