Ocean Based


Surfing is definitely the main attraction of the island because Rote is blessed with some pretty amazing waves suiting everyone from beginner to advanced. T-land wave at Besialu Reef would be the most knows wave but there are many more with less crowds such as Sucky mamas and Bo’a to name a couple.


Our boat is available for surf to all our guests any time of the day.


Other Ocean-based activities we offer :


Surfing lesson for beginners, children and intermediates – 350 K per person
Kayak sessions – 120 USD half day for up to 3 people
Boat trip to Doo / Nuse  for Snorkel, Surfing, island hopping
Half day –  2.5 million idr for up to 6 pax (includes water)
Picnic baskets available 100k per pax

Land Based


Rote has a distinct character of its own with many different landscapes to be discovered and enjoyed. The best way to do this would be on your bike; raw and wild.


Our land-based activities:

Cultural Trek to the village and lake 2 hours – 300k for two people (100K for each extra person)
Guided Jog to lake 100k
Relaxing Massage 200k / 1 h
Mangrove half day trip  – 350k for a couple
(includes 1 Stand up paddle or 1 Kayak , snorkel gear,  and transportation)
Lunch can be set up by the mangrove beach for 100k per person

For the Children up to age 6
Daily Waldorf run Day care centre in Nembrala – 200k per child per day



Yoga class every day at 4pm / 120k per person
Morning classes available please email us at utopiarote@gmail.com
Private yoga and Fitness classes 350k for 1,5 h
Relaxing Massage 1 h / 200 K